Friday, August 19, 2011

A Picture is Worth... Well, You Know...

 So I'm pretty convinced that my little guy is half-fish... he has this uncanny connection with the water.  He seemed so peaceful out there at the water's edge.  These are rare moments indeed, when my little man (who has severe autism) can just relax and be in such a tranquil state.  It makes me wonder if I'm missing out on the beauty of these small moments...

 I captured these photos as if I was looking through Olin's eyes.  They make me feel so calm, it's no wonder why leaving the beach was an all-out tantrum... but who could blame him?

I often ponder what my son must be thinking at any given moment.  Does he notice the stares that come from grown adults and children alike?  Does he notice the rude comments from people who think that speaking loudly under their breath makes them look like a superhero in the checkout line at the grocery store?
I hope that answer to those questions is a resounding "NO!"; and judging by the transfixed smile plastered on Olin's face 99.9% of the day tells me that if he is paying them any mind... he certainly doesn't care; nor do I.  I always tell my kids to have fun and be themselves no matter what!  So they do just that, and we laugh, and play, and have an all-out blast every day.

Can you feel the longing he has for the water?

Standing on the edge of the Earth...
It's days like this that make me want to freeze time.  These moments are what life is all about. 


  1. Simply beautiful! You know the ocean has been my salvation (for lack of a nonreligious term) during some of the worst times in my life. There's something calming about the sound and the hypnotic call of the waves. Its like I can take comfort in knowing that no matyer what is happening in my life tomorrow the waves will continue to roll in. I don't know how i would have survived my divorce without the ocean. I ran by the water every morning during those darkest days, and I think its the only thing that got me through. Tell olin his "aunt" Bonnie totally agrees (because i would never be so arrogant to say that I understand.)

  2. I'll let him know for sure!!!!